The core of this project involved transforming an existing space, into a customised workplace. Our design team approached this task through precise interventions, adapting the layout to suit the company’s needs. The result was a bespoke workspace seamlessly integrating our client’s brand and culture. Collaborative spaces are a focal point. The social hub supports collaboration and serendipitous interactions. It features banquette seating, tall open tables and a fully equipped pantry. We strategically positioned it to encourage spontaneous gatherings, teamwork and community-building among employees. The space is more than just a part of the workplace; it’s a vibrant area that fosters creativity and engagement.
Ergonomic workstations and communal areas encourage creativity and teamwork, appealing to a younger demographic. The design ethos honors Maruti Suzuki's legacy while embracing modernity, creating an office that embodies connectivity, youthful energy, and a commitment to transparency, ensuring a vibrant workplace that retains and attracts the brightest talents.

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