About Us

Making architecture about people

We are passionate about delivering exceptional client experiences. Every project we undertake, supports creativity to make a positive difference in the field of architecture through company’s two dedicated centers of excellence

Design center of excellence – I.E.Design

Established in 2006, I.E Design (IED) is a multidisciplinary design firm based in NCR & Mumbai. We pride ourselves on our innovative and distinctive approach towards creating corporate, commercial and residential projects that delivers a highly responsive design, sensitive to its context and robust in achieving the brief requirements with sustainable design initiatives.

Build center of excellence – P.G.Infracon

To facilitate the designs of I.E.Design, in terms of execution, construction and project management, P.G.Infracon Private Limited(PGI) came into existence in 2012 as sister company. It helps us deliver high quality construction projects creating greater value by cost saving and effective use of resources.
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Our values



For us, innovation is the most important condition for the preservation of design. We thrive to make original ideas utilizable. For this, we go through the multifarious process of understanding the user, material and maintenance.


We design for the people. People are always kept at center of our designs. We strive to lead the industry with discipline, innovation and research to overcome obstacles and adapt to the ever-changing world.


We dive into context – social or cultural; past, present or future that directly or indirectly affects our design outcome. Being aware and receptive, we emphasis on finding harmony in the perception of the space.


Process Orientation

We dream big. For that its crucial to have strong strategies and critical problem-solving skills that enable us to take calculated risks. We find design opportunities and potential by redefining how things are perceived.

Growth Mindset

Design is an optimistic act and we work on the process with joy and vibrancy. Our progressive thought-process enables us to imagine the future. We find true adventure in the unknown and undiscovered. We don’t resist change, we harness it.


The difference in opinions result in positive outcomes. We take great pride in the diversity of our creators who strengthen our design. Hence, we encourage open communication and innovation across all disciplines.


Who are we?

We are a design team comprised of creative and experienced architects and designers who believe architecture is more than just a job.
We believe that design of a building or space should not only meet the expectations of the investor but also have a positive impact on the well-being of the user.

What we do?

Space is more experiential than ever, hence we try to curate spaces that are more flexible, smarter, and sustainable.
Working as a team we achieve functional and sustainable design solutions by simplifying the process, reducing risk and at bringing the project to life at the right price and in the right time.

Why we do it?

We believe that the future of architecture lies in achieving the perfect balance between contemporary ideas and sustainable design.
Our design approach is rooted in our Indian heritage with the perfect proportion of contemporary interpretation that align with the user’s aspirational aesthetics.

Our Process

Dialogue | Exchange

…project vision

Concept ideation | Test Fit

…explore options

Decision | Detail

…develop drawings

Execute | Deliver

…envisioned design


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