The Summer House

Inspired by Meis van deh Roh’s Farnsworth house, the Monochrome Pod is a weekend retreat in Noida. It is a pre-fabricated structure that was erected within 30 days in this sub-urban setting. The structure takes full advantage of relating to its natural surroundings, achieving Meis’ concept of a strong relationship between the house and nature.
The major challenge with this structure was to safeguard it from the flooding caused in Yamuna River floodplains. Therefore, the platform was raised from the natural ground level which also helped increasing the scenery. The single storey house is framed with I-shaped steel columns that support the roof and floor, and therefore are both structural and expressive. In between these columns are floor to ceiling windows, that provide the beauty of Meis’ idea of tying the residence with its tranquil surroundings.

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